shootguns and accordeons (design inspired by the film and Bardo Martinez)

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Anti-War Peace Rally in Hollywood music by BUYEPONGO ft Eduardo Arenas (Chicano Batman)

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It was a somewhat “sunny day” in Hollyweird, the streets from Orange to Highland were blocked off due to the PEACE RALLY and ANTI WAR. KPFK was present at the gathering, along with some veterans who wanted to share some of their pain and dis-illusion for our government… Some tears dropped during the speech as well as first in the air.  Buyepongo performed right after the 1st speeches from the organization putting the event Bardo Martinez Quintero, Edgar Modesto, Carlos Diaz, Kevin Linares and Rich Spirit (cowbell covering for Wil Carrillo for the 1st song) and also Eduardo Arenas (from Chicano Batman covering for Randy Modesto who worked that day). Thanks to Eduardo Arenas, “You killed it hermano!”.  The time was 2:35pm and Buyepongo’s 2nd set was to start after the last speeches by the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars Veterans. It was very intense speeches.

The Band as always delivered their sound and energy with all the people who stayed to enjoy the solidarity… From youth to grandparents to a waiving Venezuelan flag to Shrek and Goofy dancing in the middle of Hollywood Blvd right across from the Chinese Theater.  It was a weird but fun location for such a rally and performance.  The Band enjoyed them self as the crowd dance to their beat.  Here are the flix. Enjoy as well…

Download LA YUCA mp3

Carlitos Diaz “Charly” on the drum

el negro Garifuna, Kevin Linares “Ahmaq” on the drum

Eduardo Arenas (Chicano Batman) special guest musician on the bass guitar

Buyepongo with guest Eduardo Arenas & Rich Spirit

Kevin Linares

Roberto Josh Navarro arrives at 2:55 for our 3:15 set after the veteran’s speeches.

Wil Carrillo also arrives

TIENE MOTO By DJ DON CUCO (pigybacks) Check out this blogs. NY state of MIND

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BUYEPONGO / PACHAMAMA / SISTER ROGER / MAS EXITOS “Kernel Popin'” March 13 (photos + video)

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PANAMA w Crowd. March 13th SEÑOR FISH

PANAMA track (download mp3)

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Panama track (download mp3)

DYNAMICS of a BAND. “Making a song” sang by Kevin “Ahmaq” Linares music by BUYEPONGO

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Bardo Martinez Quintero aka Landero Jr (house/estates, La Mirada CA)

The realest and rootest sound of BUYEPONGO is made like this… It takes a DYNAMIC to create and unite 7 talented souls in one room…