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Bardo Martinez Quintero, vocalist. photo by Luciana Venture @ Time Tunnel, March 26 2010

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shootguns and accordeons (design inspired by the film and Bardo Martinez)

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PANAMA track (download mp3)

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Panama track (download mp3)

LA CULEBRERA new song. Written by Bardo Martinez (footage by Listen Recovery, San Jose, CA)

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Landero con los Gaiteros De San Jacinto

Thesis of ANDRES LANDERO by Bardo Martinez (Buyepongo/Chicano Batman/Listen Recovery)

landero ep

LANDERO Ep by Bardo Martinez & Listen Recovery

download ep

1. Dejame Gozar la vida (Let me enjoy life)

2. Ya volvio amanecer (Daylight again)

3. Chavela (Chavela)