MUEVELO! recap photos by Listen Recovery

We drove through Santa Monica Bvld. to end up at Palms Bar, where Dj Mando Fever and Dj ToneArm are residents at MUEVELO! a night on the 2nd Sat. of the Month. Bringing the dance fever from Cumbias to House tunes.  On Feb 13th Valentine’s eve the Band was invited to performed a set and give a taste to some of our closes friends and devoted fans who have supported us since day one.  Listen Recovery & Buyepongo arrived in formally fashion around 9:30pm to start the set up and feel the crowd.  Some good greens were burned in the air as we all arrived in the parking lot on Santa Monica Blvd.  As always the guys ‘killed it’, giving a 1:20 min. set full of originals and a few A. Landero and Lizandro Mesa tracks with the Buyepongo twist, here are the flix… ASI NO’ MA’… Buyecero!!!

Rich Spirit, Ed “Meztli” Modesto, Carlos “Charly” Diaz (r-l)

El Profesor & Charly (El profesor is by far one of our most loyal fans, for reals)

LA FIEBRE! “dj Mando Fever”

“El Siames” (Honner & Panther) by Bardo Martinez (inside joke)


This two dudes be packin’ heat when djn…

Kevin “Ahmaq” Linares, Wilfredo “Wil” Carrillo and Roberto “Josh” Navarro

blood, SWEAT but no tears! / Mucha Verraquera!

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