Club TaTou present BUYEPONGO w/ Listen Recovery Djs.

Use your forefeet for something other than walking by cumbianin’ it out to LA’s own Buyepongo. The band will be mixing this and that — this being the aforementioned cumbia, and that being vallenato — this Friday at TaTou. Plus, DJs Fresko, Rich Spirit and Renz will be dropping dusty salsa, cumbia villera, dirty vallenato and Brazilian soul. Los Angeles’ Buyepongo has Bardo on the accordion and the lead vocals, Randy on the bass, and Carlos, Roberto, Will, Mextly and Kevin on percussion and vocals. (Yeah, these guys want you to be on a first-name basis with them…DEAL WITH IT.) They can trace their origins back to Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador; hence the choice in music. And according to the band, “moving crowds and shaking masses and excelerate souls is what Buyepongo does, beating drums soaking dry dirt with dripping sweat, to uplift and to ground everyone to Earth’s original pulse.”

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